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Have a project in mind?
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Let's plan this thing! Fill out the form below and we can get started - the more detail  you can give the better! 


Thanks for submitting - I'll review it and be in touch with you soon!

What to Expect

1 | Request a shoot

Fill out the form above to start the ball rolling! Please ensure you describe the nature of the project in detail, and any questions or relevant information you think I might need to know. Alternatively, if online forms aren't your thing feel free to reach out to me directly.

2 | Consultation

Once I review your request, we'll get started planning out your shoot! I'll reach out to you to schedule a phone call or face-to-face meeting where we can chat about all the nitty gritty details - your vision, ideas, pricing, logistics, and more. This is also a great time to go over any questions you might have and gives us a short chance to get to know each other better so we aren't complete strangers when we first meet. 

3 | Reservation

Once we have discussed the details of your shoot, I'll send out an agreement outlining everything we have discussed. Along with this, a deposit will be required to secure your spot. Once the agreement is signed and down payment is paid, I am officially reserved to shoot your event

4 | Complete the Shoot

Just to ensure we are all on the same page before we shoot, we will reconnect again shortly before the event (typically one week prior) and finalize the actual shooting times, locations, shot list, and schedule for the day. Then it's lights, camera, action! Give me a bit more time after that to bring your creation to life and deliver your finished goods.

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