Your biggest day with the biggest memories deserve the biggest attention to detail. But with so much planning and everything else going on it can be hard to be sure what's right for you. 

Let me put your mind at ease right at the start. I offer a complementary engagement photo session when you book any wedding package. That way you can have a little something to share with everyone before your big day! Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? 

Mr & Mrs.Beautiful

** Pricing is the same for video or photo. **

No need to worry about "hours of coverage" here - instead packages are based on "events".

Examples of events could include:

Temple Grounds
Cocktail Hour
First Look


Any Two Events - Video OR Photo
(Most commonly the ceremony and reception)

Complementary 30-minute engagement photoshoot




Any Three Events - Video OR Photo
(Most commonly a First Look, Ceremony and Reception)

Complementary 30-minute engagement photoshoot


Image by Photos by Lanty


Any Four Events - Video OR Photo
(Most commonly a First Look, Preparation, Ceremony, & Reception)

Complementary 30-minute engagement photoshoot



Want to spice up your package with some goodies?

Second Shooter (extra Coverage) - $500
Full Ceremony Footage - $300
Raw Footage - $300
Drone Coverage - $100



Can I do both photography and videography?

Absolutely! But I will need some help from a second shooter (see "extras") as I personally can only create either video OR photo during the wedding as the tehincal settings differ for each. To make this possible, I am partnered with other amazing creators that will allow for full coverage of your event if you're interested - just shoot me an email and we can discuss.

Can I do just one "event"?

You bet! A single events will be $600 - this is most common for couples who request just a First Look video.

Do you travel or shoot destination weddings?

Of course! Who doesn't love to travel? If it's around the Salt Lake area travel is included. Anywhere outside of that additional travel fees may apply.

What is a second shooter?

A second shooter is a fancy word for an assistant. It pretty much means double the creators for double the coverage and double the content!

Can I share on social media?

Of course! We know you will like what you receive and will want to share it on the 'gram just as long as the images remain unaltered (no filters or personal editing) and credit is given to LIMITLESS Creative Media (such as tagging). Naturally, any publishing or selling the images without running it by me first is not allowed. Should you wish to do that I'd be happy to discuss during our consultation.


What do I receive?

For photos, you will receive an online gallery of professional post-production images to print and share digitally. There will not be a limit on how many photos you receive - you paid for them!

Do you offer prints?

Yes! When you receive your gallery there is an option to order print and get them delivered right to your house. I use a professional printing lab that has my personal color profile. When you receive your prints, they will look the exact same as they do on your computer or phone. As an added bonus, they use a thicker paper and higher quality ink so your prints will last a lifetime.

Can I edit the images after I receive them?

If you wish to obtain different licensing or any/all raw files, I'd be happy to discuss with you and provide a separate estimate for that. Otherwise, images must remain unaltered due to copyright which means no Instagram filters, Photoshop, personal editing, or other things like that without running it by me first.


How long will the video be?

When I edit video I always say the picture is only half of the viewing experience. Music and sound breathe extra life into what you are seeing. Because of this, I try to keep videos the length of the song that will be playing with it which is anywhere between 3 - 5 minutes. Naturally, more footage and events shot will require a longer song and longer video.

What do I receive?

For video, you will receive a downloadable, cinematic highlight reel of your events that has been professionally edited and set to music. Should you wish an "event" to be it's own video, please let me know and we can discuss. For any additional video including raw footage or special cuts, please see the "extras" section above.

Can I pick the music?

All music is creative art that is copywritten and requires a special license to be used in video. Because of this I will need to pick the songs myself during the editing phase of the project. It also helps me create my best work as I am able to fit the "feel" of the images captured with the right style of music. Should you have a song or style you wish to use, we can definitely make it work; however a word of warning this tends to become very expensive very quickly, especially if it is from a mainstream artist. Should you wish to use a song like this you will need to contact the artist and acquire the appropriate licensing.

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