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Here's the thing...

There are a ton of creators out there and I totally get it when you're looking to hire someone and you're still not 100% sure it's the right fit. It can be difficult going through so many different options only to end up making a last minute decision and praying it turns out how you want.

This page will hopefully put at ease that feeling that you're not hiring just another videographer or photographer. And to be frank, if you're still not confident, then drop me a line and let's chat over lunch! I like to get to know people and would love to help you get to know my style of shooting better.

So How do I do it?

I take a very different approach than most videographers and photographers to the craft and tend to break the norms that you might see in the industry. It's earned me the nickname the "Maverick of Marketing" at one of the places I've worked. To name a few of my beliefs:

The Sky is Never the Limit

You're most likely coming to me because you already have an idea of what you want and I've got the equipment and skills to make it happen. With that being said I like to include you from the very early stages as much as possible so we can turn your idea into a reality. Plus it makes it more fun that way seeing your creation come to life! I will always be able to give you my professional opinion, but ultimately it should never be me telling you what I want.

It's all about keeping it real

Let's be honest - it can be really awkward to be in front of a camera. And having a creator telling you what to do often makes you feel even more uncomfortable! Just take a look back at your overly-posed third grade class photo with your thumb in your pocket, leaning back and your head tilted to the side. You might say, "that's not really who I am." So unless we're working on a commercial project or have a specific vision in mind together from the beginning, I aim at capturing the authentic and real YOU - your reactions, emotions, and simply letting you be yourself instead of directing you how it should look. Don't worry though, if you get lost I'll still be there to offer prompts and suggestions to help bring out the best of the best in you, but ultimately my goal is to keep it real. 

You are the Most Important

When it comes to creativity, you want to be sure you are getting exactly what you want. To that end, I often like to show you my camera at times during the shoot (which can be taboo in the industry... what?!) so you are positive you are getting the shots you want. Additionally, I won't ever cap the number of photos you will receive. This happens a lot in this industry and it really makes me laugh because when you're paying for a good quality shoot and the pictures look great, why limit it? 

To the end of the line

I'd like to say I'm a pretty down-to-earth kind of guy, so just because the project is over doesn't mean you won't be able to keep working with me. You can always reach out and make changes to the project, get backup files, ask questions, catch up over lunch, or whatever! I've got your back. 

Just so you know it's not just me talking, here's what some past clients have said:



"Chaz did an INCREDIBLE job on our wedding video. He worked amazingly well with our photographer (even though they had never met before). He knew exactly what moments to capture, so we were able to enjoy our day. Not only did Chaz capture all of the important moments, but also all of the special emotions we were experiencing. The music combined with his footage brought me and my family to tears when we watched it for the first time. It’s something I will always cherish to remember just how special my wedding day was."


  Hannah R.

ChazLundquist_28 (1 of 1).jpg

My style of shooting

I shoot primarily on a Canon camera with Prime lenses. What that means is very sharp images, nice color output, and a very natural focal lengths (or field of view). As I mentioned before, YOU and your ideas will always come first when we work on a project together, but to give you a better idea of my "eye", these guiding principles are the things I like to incorporate to make a masterpiece.


Motion and sound are the two key ingredients when it comes to emotion in film. If you didn't have that you might as well just go with a picture instead. I always like to have some form of movement in my shot to share that emotion and keep things interesting. Throw in a dash of some epic sound design, which is the other half of the viewing experience to immerse the viewer in the world they are experiencing and there you go. 


If you've ever slapped a filter on your Instagram or Snapchat photo, you know how crazy some people go with the colors. Thankfully I don't slap on any generalized filters or simply boost colors in my photos, instead I artistically hand color and light each and every single photo with a special coloring style that I've developed to maintain normal skin tones and brings out that special warm glow. 


Coca-Cola "Bob Lovell"

Marketing Award






Top 100 Marketing &


Advertising Leaders





Studio 5


So now you're probably wondering who's the dude behind the camera, haha! Well, that's me - Chaz!
In short (5'8" pun intended), I am married to the raddest wife in the universe, live in the most beautiful place on the planet, and love all-things adventure!


I have always had a creative eye and a passion for adventure. As a native Utah boy, I grew up in the outdoors and developed my love for the mountains. While attending university, I picked up a camera to capture some of that beauty and taught myself how to do photography and videography. 

My work caught the eye of some business guys and I was offered a job where I got to live in a backcountry yurt for the majority of the week and jump out of helicopters on my snowboard to create content for other backcountry enthusiasts. It was during this time I was nicknamed "Maverick" after the show Top Gun by my coworkers for my successful, wild, out-of-the-box marketing ideas and was also taught additional marketing skills by world renowned industry leaders from companies including Burton, Coca-Cola, Disney, Nike, Nixon,  Stance, and more.


LIMITLESS Creative Media was then created to further my passion of content creation, capturing unique visuals and creating stunning media. Whenever I'm not behind the camera I'm either flying airplanes, trekking in the backcountry, traveling around the world, snowboarding, singing, listening to my vinyl record collection, drinking a can of Coke Zero, or watching Top Gun. 

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