When I first picked up a camera, I had no idea what I was doing. After hours of searching through YouTube trying to learn how to get those money shots I ended up practicing with the camera on my iPhone 5. I had the rare opportunity to become friends with and learn from incredible professionals who took the time to mentor me and show me the ropes.


Since then, some of those friends have put together a course that has it all - Fulltime Filmmaker. If you're serious about becoming a creative, this course is invaluable and will save you time and money.


Ready to start taking notes? Grab your camera (even if it's your iPhone) and click on the button below to start your class!

Never stop Creating
"Once you become fearless,
                    life becomes limitless"
- Anonymous
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I've put together a place where you can see everything that's in my bag. My cameras, lenses, stabilizers, lights, audio equipment, and even random things like card holders, screen protectors, and audio cables. Click the link below to view ALL my equipment and where to buy it.

My Equipment